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Working with entrepreneurs, and also employees of all levels within a company on a 1-2-1 basis, focusing on maximising company and employee performance.

Focus areas can include:

  • Leadership styles

  • Management styles

  • Work based values

  • Strategic thinking and planning

  • Reducing and effectively managing stress

  • Motivation and positive psychological thinking

  • Increase productivity output

  • Optimize group and individual performance

  • Managing and maintaining a positive work-life balance

  • Decisiveness and decision making

  • Goal setting

  • Self-awareness

  • Effective delegation

  • Improving presentation skills

  • Building confidence of public speaking

  • Overcoming procrastination

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All sessions will take place online via one of the following platforms:

Zoom / Teams / Google Meet


Monday - Friday: 6am - 6pm

Saturday sessions can be arranged if required



Please contact me through the contact page around your specific requirements.

Charities & nonprofit organisations will receive a discounted rate.



1. Contact me: Reach out to me by clicking the link below and sending an enquiry through the contact page.


2. Chemistry Call: I will then call the relevant person at a mutually convenient time so we can briefly introduce ourselves. This will enable me to discover more about the specific focus areas and needs, the employees you would like to be involved in the coaching programme, and to agree a fee based on these requirements.

3. Initial Coaching Consultation: This will be carried out prior to any coaching sessions to discuss further area(s) that you wish to address, and to agree a personalised plan of sessions.


4. Book your sessions: If we agree on moving forward together, we will then finalise our agreement, book in all required sessions and get started.


What type of businesses do you work with?

I can work across many sectors, including start-ups, small and large corporate companies through to charities, schools and universities.

What are a minimum of six sessions recommended?

For real long-term change to happen, a one-stop shop with quick-fix actions that can all be done and dusted in a couple of hours is not realistic. Although one-off sessions can garner a certain level of instant results, the longevity of these and their impact will be limited and this is why I do not offer this option as part of my service.


What is the average length of time you work with an organisation?

I offer a range of packages which can be designed to suit your needs and requirements. Packages that span from 3-12 months are recommended to allow more time for individual reflection and learning between sessions.

How can you guarantee results?

During the initial consultation we will discuss what your specific goals are that you would like to achieve during coaching. We will re-visit this at the beginning of every session, which will help us direct that sessions focus, as it’s highly possible that as we go along you might decide that you want to concentrate on a different area of change. Frequently checking-in around your direction and goals means the sessions will be able to adapt with the progression of your journey to gain the best results you want for yourself.

A relevant comparison regarding the results of coaching can be made with that of physiotherapy:

You go for an appointment, the physiotherapist works with you for the allotted time and provides you with the tools to go away afterwards to practice and improve on your own before meeting at the next appointment. If you don’t do the work and the different exercises for yourself in your own time as required and agreed, then the success of the physiotherapy will be very limited.

This same premise exists for coaching, in that it is a relationship of 50/50 and much of the personal growth, realisation and change and progress occurs during your own times of reflection in-between sessions. This is why I ask my clients to be 100% committed to what coaching requires of them during, in-between, and after sessions.


‘A great coach is only as good as the effort and commitment
the client invests in the process.’
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