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George - Team leader

I met Angela and her positive attitude made me want to work with her. Before our first session any slight reservations about coaching I may of had were quickly dispelled through her professionalism before, during and throughout our time working together. 


I liked being challenged through Angela’s reflective practice, and she gave me the time and space to realise inner strengths I had overlooked and also how I could access opportunities I thought were out of reach before I started the sessions, and her methods helped me focus my ideas into realistic goals.


Through working together, I have been able visualise the career path I would like to take in accordance with my values and Angela’s coaching has given me additional self-belief as well as better understanding of my own skills and attributes which I can apply throughout my life and career development. She went to great lengths to tailor our coaching sessions towards my learning style and I always looked forward to our meetings as she has such an easy to get along with personality and I took something away from each session.


Angela is a very effective coach, she helped me reflect on my past experience and use my knowledge, strengths, skills to structure realistic and attainable goals. I have explored some life changing decisions such as living and working abroad. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Angela again in the future.

Anna - Mindfulness trainer

When I came to coaching it was during a mid-life career change and I had many doubts about how I wanted to do it. I was not entirely sure what I should focus on and generally wasn’t quite convinced if it was a good idea.  As a result of the sessions I have quickly become excited about it all, fully appreciating and enjoying the new opportunities which are arising. 

I have gained a great amount of knowledge about myself and my goals. I’ve learnt what to do to achieve them and also become more aware of possible consequences of not acting upon them. I can say that I am far more confident, focused and determined to achieve what I want. It was always easy to talk to Angela, and although frequently challenged, I always felt supported and due to her outgoing personality the sessions were fun. 

It was an exciting journey of self-discovery and goal setting which led me to greater clarity, confidence and as a result, actions. I would definitely recommend Angela’s services to anyone who would like to improve their career and look at it from a different perspective.

Bilal - Speaker and facilitator manager

I was intrigued at getting external support with planning my personal career goals as I have been my own biggest barrier to achieving them, and the style of Angela’s sessions being so led by me and flexible made it something I looked forward to. I liked the ‘homework’ as it made sure you were doing actions in between so it wasn’t just something that happened for a couple of hours every two weeks.


I learnt a lot about my own negative behaviours and after coaching I feel like I have much more of a rounded understanding of what I want to achieve and what I need to stop doing in order to get there, and now I have a clear vision for the path ahead. Since coaching with Angela, my brain now does those checks before making decisions where I know that what I’m saying or doing is something that we spoke about in coaching. 


Angela was amazing! Her flexibility to adapt sessions to be visual, probe further for information to make me think more without coming across as forceful or didactic was really beneficial. If anyone is ever thinking of doing coaching, I’d say definitely give it a go, you’ll see the benefits of working with Angela as your coach in no time!


I was recommended to give Angela’s sessions a try after I had hit a bit of a brick wall in life. My work life felt like it wasn’t going anywhere and I felt I was underachieving and struggling to move forward.

I liked the structure of the sessions as she mapped them out in a way which was clear, manageable and easy to understand. I also liked how she challenged me on my thought process in a way which no one else had done before. I was opened up to ideas which helped me to understand certain attitudes and behaviours I held, and now I feel like my thoughts make more sense and I’m more in control over all aspects of my life. I have a clearer vision of what I want to achieve in life, a greater thirst to accomplish my ambitions, and I feel more confident. I’ve also learned to adapt my language and thinking which was negatively impacting my feeling of self-worth.

Angela is a super receptive and was able to show a great understanding of my situation when we were beginning our sessions. I felt more than comfortable opening up to her which is massively key to making progress. She also sets tasks for you to do in order to help with your own progress outside of the session which enabled me to keep the momentum going and to ensure that my learning wasn’t limited to the hour and a half window we had together.

My coaching sessions with Angela have been a mini revelation - almost like having a long overdue self MOT. I certainly have come out of it with a new and improved mind-set and I’ve taken my learnings and put them into practise. I have travelled for the first time in six years, have a new a job and have reconnected with old friends. This 110% would not have happened without Angela’s help.

You will only start to see change if you decide to do something about it and deciding to take the step to talk to Angela was the best decision I could have made.

Alice - Business owner, life coach, change management consultant

Working with Angela for six months has been exactly what I needed as I start my own business. As someone who has big ambitions but also can be incredibly hard on myself, I knew I needed the support of a coach to help me navigate the tricky, up and down (emotional) waters of starting a business as it is important for me to reach success but not at a sacrifice to my health, relationships, mental wellbeing etc.

Angela has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and has a great ability to question your assumptions which really made me reassess how I spoke to myself and looked at certain areas of my life. Her listening skills are incredible. For me this has really helped push me forward, and by the end of the six months I was in a place where the business was moving forward but I now had a sense of calm and balance about me which I didn’t have before!

I also loved the mix of activities we did during the sessions, to really get me thinking and they worked well for my style.
As a result of coaching, I feel that I am able to grow a successful business with joy, calmness, and whilst still doing the everyday things I love, and not losing my cool! By looking at my language and mindset around “work” and “business” and “balance”, I know feel I am able to have it all!

I can’t recommend Angela highly enough – as a life coach myself, I can tell the difference between a good and bad coach and I know Angela is excellent! I will definitely be working with Angela again in the future!


The journey with Angela through coaching has been a delightful experience of self-discovery and clarity. I was in a place where I was lost, de-motivated, tired, overwhelmed, stressed and I simply needed to reset and start living my life from a fresh pair of eyes. 


Opening up to someone completely can be tricky, even for someone as open as me, yet from the start and progressing through each session, there was an atmosphere of being in a peaceful sanctuary. I felt there was mutual trust, never a judgement placed and a common goal to receive something positive from the session.


Angela is empathetic, compassionate and positive and has a brilliant agility to work with whatever you throw at her. I'm heavily visual and there were some exercises we did which really enabled me to find clarity with certain issues.


The coaching allowed me to explore my personal thoughts (which I had hardly shared with my close ones) with someone who I had just met in a completely comfortable and professional environment. After working with Angela on my insecurities and self-confidence issues I had started to believe in myself. Social situations, were no longer as stressful and my work life became more balanced. I felt I was content and in peace by the end of it. 

Ms. Byrne - Programme manager

After a few sessions it became clear that rather than getting general guidance around what I wanted to focus on, the sessions where really helpful in talking through the approach I took to my goals and life in general and what positive and negative impact that had on me progressing to where I wanted to get to.


It was really helpful to be able to just talk through my ambitions and way of working with some guidance and not having to hold back at all, which is definitely a result of the comfortable environment that Angela sets up and her open approach to her work.


Before the coaching sessions I was feeling quite stressed, under a lot of pressure and feeling like I lacked direction, and through my sessions with Angela I learnt so much about myself, how I approach life, set goals and how to manage all of these areas of my life in a positive way. I feel so much more motivated to strive forward and take on new challenges.


If you are thinking of using Angela as a coach - then definitely do! She creates a great open, comfortable environment and delivers coaching in a way that works for so many different learning styles - whether you are visual, prefer writing or like moving - and regardless of what you want to focus on you will definitely benefit from coaching.

Monique - Marketing executive

Even though I had done some research I wasn't sure what the coaching process would be like and how I would feel about it. But from the very start Angela put me at ease. I thought the initial consultation of talking through what coaching entailed and the part about Angela wanting to be sure I was the right fit for her, as well as her being the right fit for me, was a nice touch. I really feel like the sessions were led on what I wanted to talk about that week and how I felt about the previous session.

Before I decided to take up personal coaching I had an idea of what may be next for me, but I had not figured our how to navigate to get there but thanks to Angela, after each session, I felt empowered and like I had the right tools to move forward. She made me feel comfortable in all our sessions. I found her very easy to talk to, and you could tell she was listening to what was being said, flagging when I said certain words/phrases or used particular language. Additionally, this was all via video call due to COVID-19 and honestly, even with tasks during the sessions, I felt like I had 100% commitment.

I would most definitely recommend Angela for personal coaching. I have come away from this with the tools I need to move forward, and overall a better understanding of who I want to be and how to work on getting there, and would 100% recommend anyone who feels stuck, or just wants someone to help focus them, to POW coaching.

Thank-you again Angela, for all your help.

Lisa - Advanced nurse practitioner

I sought coaching after recognising I was unhappy in my work situation but not sure the best way forward. I thought that coaching would provide me with the answers but after my first session with Angela I realised it was more about providing me with the tools to look at the problems I was facing, break them down and systematically work through the issues. Angela gave me the opportunity to verbalise the issues I was facing, challenging my perspective when necessary.

Overall, coaching has helped me to assess the direction my career is going in, improved my confidence within my job and helped me to recognise what I have achieved. As a result, I feel my performance at work is better and I have been able to prioritise my commitments. I am so grateful to Angela for the time she spent with me. Her positivity is infectious and I would leave our sessions refreshed with clear goals for the weeks ahead. I felt her professionalism made it so easy to open up and be honest about my feelings and shortcomings. I was initially quite self-conscious about the process but she quickly put me at ease and made the process so comfortable. 

I recommend Angela and her service to anyone who is stuck in an aspect of their life and needs a fresh perspective. I feel that the process has helped me so much and I have been able to approach my work with renewed vigour as a result.  


I wanted to be intentional with my development and reflect on how to build new habits and clarity, particular in forming the career I want so I decided to try coaching. With having to explore a depth of stuff and how it all connects I was concerned sessions would be overwhelming but Angela really listened to what I wanted to get out of it.

 My biggest learning was my role my own narrative has in my everyday actions. Being fulfilled isn't always big leaps, it can be tiny steps and small changes in how you see yourself. Working with Angela has helped me feel reassured in myself. The coaching has helped give me a clearer idea of where to put my energy and time and realise I have a lot more control than I thought. She is great at keeping you accountable in a way that is supportive as well as stretching you.

If you are wanting to invest in yourself and address some of the things that might be getting in your own way of your development then do it. Coaching with Angela feels proactive and encouraging.

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