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Coaching is about us together exploring an area in your life in which you want long-term change to occur.


We spend concentrated and uninterrupted time looking at where you currently are and where you want to be in the future. I support you in gaining clarity to effectively create and action the steps you need to achieve your goal.

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By using different coaching frameworks and psychologically-grounded techniques adapted to your learning style I help to raise your self-awareness whilst simultaneously unlocking new ways of thinking. This will allow you to look at the topic you are grappling with through different perspectives, giving you time to find the answers that work best for you.


The sessions are a unique opportunity for you to experience all of the above within an accepting and non-judgemental space.

It’s not my job to provide you with the answers.
You already have those; you just haven’t access them for yourself yet.

Coaching with the Power of Words isn’t a place where I listen to your issue and then tell you what you need to do differently. That only leads you to becoming dependent on my advice in order to make decisions about your own life.


At the base of coaching is the assumption that you are your own person, whole and complete.


If you’re wrestling with a problem or decision then ultimately you also have the answer to it inside yourself too.

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  • My role as coach is to ‘hold the space’ for you during our sessions and ask incisive questions, which allows you to dig into issues and thoughts uninterrupted.

  • I’m the external reflective element that’s missing when you’re thinking on your own about an issue.

  • My questions are designed to challenge you and your current habit patterns.  I actively listen and ‘hold up a mirror’ to your language usage and the thoughts you’re expressing.

  • This is the basis and environment in which long-term transformational coaching and change takes place (as opposed to ‘surface skimming quick results’ of transactional coaching).

I offer this opportunity through the following two options:

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POW Life Coaching is designed for individuals who want to work on any area within their life. This includes

career coaching.


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POW Business Coaching is delivered as part of an organisational setting with a particular employee(s) and overseen by the company, or with an entrepreneur.


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