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To stay competitive and productive, to embolden a strong cohesive team, and to leverage productivity, it is vital for a company to invest in the health and wellbeing of employees . The results of this for the individual and the business will be increased motivation; creativity; agile thinking; productivity; purpose, and presence to focus on the important things in the moment.

POW workshops are completely tailored to the needs and requirements of your organisation and teams. 

By using a unique and creative engagement process, the sessions aim to fully immerse employees in two key areas:

  1. The practise of recognising and analysing the impact of language, communication styles, mindset and habits within the workplace

  2. Stress management through meditation and mindfulness practises.

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Facilitator and

ICF ACC Accredited Coach 



Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator


Designed for delivery to leadership teams, HR, senior and mid-level management

These sessions consist of the following elements in a mix of both seminar and workshop formats:


  • Understanding, harnessing and sustaining habits and habit change

  • The power of words and daily language used in the workplace – building a culture of support, confidence and self-belief

  • Positive mindset and self-talk

  • Fixed mindset v growth mindset

  • Understanding basic neuroscience for improved and effective communication

  • Coaching psychology within management and supporting teams

  • Coaching techniques and skills to use with peers and teams

  • Introduction to meditation and mindfulness

  • Development of techniques and understanding of mindfulness benefits


Designed to be delivered to entire teams or groups of employees

These sessions focus on deeper understanding of team dynamics, interspersed with team-building exercises:


  • Power of words and language – embedding a culture of peer support and self-belief

  • Understanding and harnessing habits and habit change in the workplace

  • Fixed mindset v growth mindset

  • Positive mindset and self-talk

  • Learning styles

  • Personality types

  • Team building exercises

  • Introduction to meditation and mindfulness

  • Development of techniques and understanding mindfulness benefits


Development of leadership and management styles and approaches

Improve means of goal setting, supervision and staff retention

Optimising individual and team performance and decision-making skills

Improve ability to manage stress and management of work-life balance

Support employee confidence, resilience and self-belief

Understanding and challenging limiting self-beliefs and imposter syndrome


Please reach out via the Contact page to discuss pricing and daily rates around your specific requirements. Charities and nonprofit organisations will receive a discounted rate.


*Travel expenses and time spent travelling (plus accommodation costs if required) will also be applied on top of agreed fees.


If you would like to talk further about any of the above options and how they can be specifically tailored for your organisation then please fill out the enquiry form on the contact page.


Please provide as much detail as possible about your requirements, such as group size and length of programme..

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